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The Center for Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida concentrates on helping arthritic and injured people to get back to a functional level of life and their activities using non-surgical techniques and Orthopedic medicine. The center's expertise is in treatment of conditions of spine, knees , shoulders , and other cartilage damages. We have developed non-surgical and rehabilitation techniques focused on treatment and management of joint pain. Our team includes health professionals organized around a central theme:

The Center for Regenerative Medicine includes a team of dedicated professionals, with access to Digital imaging, X-Ray and necessary orthopedic equipments. Major players including Global icons, world champions, sports legends, Pro athletes, amateur athletes, dancers and people with just plain arthritis come to the Center for regenerative medicine from around the world for non-surgical orthopedic care , using our facility to improve their conditions.

The value statement for all employees of The center For Regenerative Medicine is set forth as follows:

Service with pride.
ttitude for excellence.
espect for the individual.
tate of the art technology.

"Your gentleness, compassion, utter professionalism and A-Z holistic healing methods go way beyond any medical treatment I have ever heard of or experienced...You and your Associates are a 'dream Team' come true."
Barbara Broadhurst

"With these few words I am, once again, thanking you for your kindness not only to me but to all those others which I have witnessed helping with your knowledge and good will to alleviate the pains... I constantly remember about you and all those beautiful people around you helping you to help others."
Jose Lozano

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